Why Turtles Can’t Survive With out Their Shells

Turtles are reptiles and it’s believed they’ve existed on planet Earth since 215 million years. The biggest species of Turtle is leatherback sea turtle that may weigh over 900 kg round 2000 lb. There are few species of turtle that lay eggs within the sand and go away them to hatch on their very own. The newly born turtle will make their means on the high of the sand and later attain water by avoiding predators. The turtles has particular glands that may take away salt from the water they drink.

Turtles have a tough shell that protects them from the defend and the higher shell is named ‘carapace’. Additionally, they’ve decrease shell often called plastron, howvever, have you ever ever given a thought, If turtles survive with out their shells, The reply is not any, turtles will be unable to outlive with out their Shells as a result of the shell of the turtle is part of the physique. Its there ribcage, and their backbone, and their vertebrae and even their sternum.

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